The best tablets for kids 2018 revealed

Looking for the best kid-friendly tablets? Not sure where to start? We're here to help! We've rounded up some of the best tablets for kids and toddlers from the classic iPad to the unique Amazon Fire. Have a browse through our collection to find the perfect gift for your little one this Christmas.

Forget that old school Power Rangers action figure or that Pepper Pig themed gift set. Instead how about buying your little one something a little more modern day like an iPad or tablet? But don’t worry though, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

A tablet is not only a great gift – whether it be a special birthday or a generous Christmas gift – it can also be an educational tool for your little one as well from ages 3 years and up!

We’ve asked the team at Trusted Reviews to give us their edit of the best tablets for kids on the market. Read through some of our favourite tablets and iPads from children, including a bargain buy.

LeapFrog Epic

LeapFrog Epic from Amazon, £89.99

Age: Built for kids aged three and over, the Epic features a wealth of education-focused LeapFrog apps and games that’ll help your kids learn basic grammar, maths and problem solving.

Features: The LeapFrog Epic is great if you’re after a tablet that’ll educate as well as entertain your little one, then the LeapFrog Epic is a great choice. It has a six-hour battery life and a robust, ruggedised design that can weather even the worst of tantrums, so this 7-inch tablet is also certain to survive even the most turbulent of play days.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition from Amazon, £129.99

Age: This tablet is suitable for children aged three years to 12 years as it comes with a whole variety of age-appropriate features.

Features: The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is one of the best, and safest, entertainment-focused tablets for kids under eight that’s currently on the market. This 8-inch tablet comes with a ruggedised, shockproof case that’ll prove a challenge to break for even the most boisterous young ‘uns. But the Fire’s real selling point is its 12-month subscription to the Fire For Kids service, which packs in a wealth of books and TV shows aimed at children. Normally the service would cost £3.99 per month if you don’t have Amazon Prime, or £1.99 per month if you do.

You can grab the Fire HD 8 Kids for £129.99 on Amazon UK. If you’re on a strict budget you can also pick up Amazon’s smaller Fire 7 Kids Edition for £99.99, though this version has a smaller, lower-resolution screen that some young children may struggle to focus on.

Lenovo Tab 4 8

Lenovo Tab 4 8 from Amazon, £99.99

Age: If you’re after a tablet that’ll appeal to kids ages seven-plus then the Lenovo Tab 4 8 is an excellent choice.

Features: While it may look like a sleek grown-ups tablet, Lenovo’s cleverly tweaked the Tab 4’s Android software to offer advanced parental controls. This feature not only lets you control which apps and content kids can access, but it also lets you schedule at what times they’re allowed to play games or watch movies. Useful if you’re trying to limit the amount of Netflix your children watch.

If you’re concerned about durability, Lenovo also sells an optional ‘Kids bump case’ from £19.25 that’ll help protect the Tab 4 from accidental drops and spills.

You can buy the Tab 4 at most major stores, including Currys PC World, Argos and Amazon, for as little as £99.99.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad from Amazon, from £95

Age: The iPad is a fantastic choice if you have slightly older kids, we’d recommend seven years plus.

Features: Apple may not be the first company you think of as a kids’ brand, but its current iPad is a pretty good all-round family tablet. Featuring top-end hardware, a gorgeous design, a superb screen and the fully stocked App Store packed with great entertainment and education services.

A useful built-in fingerprint scanner, which can lock certain actions to a parent’s digit, also makes it quick and easy to stop rogue rugrats from downloading apps or content they shouldn’t.