‘It’s disgusting’ Pregnant Binky Felstead slams placenta pills

Mum-to-be and Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead has spoken out against the trend of taking placenta pills, claiming it’s something she will never do.

Celebrity mums have been following the placenta pill trend for some time now, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Coleen Rooney using their placenta for a post-pregnancy pick me up.

But there’s one TV star that absolutely won’t be jumping on this baby bandwagon as Made in Chelsea’s Binky has revealed that she thinks the practise is ‘disgusting’ and something she would ‘never do in a million years’.

Speaking exclusively to Look magazine, the mum-to-be spoke out about the trend that’s been picked up by fellow reality TV stars including as Amy Childs.

‘It’s disgusting and I’d never do it in a million years,’ she told the magazine.

The 26-year-old star continued to make the point that, though health benefits are well researched and some mums report feeling better after taking the pills, there isn’t scientific proof that they aid recovery.

Binky also confessed her fears that she wouldn’t have control over what was happening to her placenta.

‘There’s no proof it does anything to help, it can make you feel really ill and no one knows where it gets shipped to – you could end up eating someone else’s placenta.’

The placenta is the first organ that forms when you get pregnant and its purpose is to pass nutrients to your baby throughout your pregnancy. Therefore, many people believe that it’s perfect for giving new mums a much-needed boost after labour.

A placenta can be eaten raw or cooked, as well as being made into pills or even a lotion that can be applied to the face.

Although it isn’t scientifically proven, some reports say that eating the placenta can boost breast milk production, and even help to balance hormone levels and combat postnatal depression.

Binky is due to give birth later this month and will document her journey through parenthood in a new TV show featuring boyfriend Josh Patterson and their new baby.

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