‘Breastercising’ – Would you try this new-mum exercise trend?

We’re all for leading a healthy lifestlye, but we couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we saw pictures of new mum (and fitness trendsetter by the looks of things) Sharny Kieser ‘breastercising’.

Yep, you read that right, we said breastercising and it’s a strange new trend that seems to be gathering momentum judging from the rise of the hashtag‬ on social media. Basically it’s exercising while breastfeeding. Makes sense now, right?

So, where did this come from? Sharny’s favourite new workout attracted attention when her husband Julius posted a picture of her doing lunges while breastfeeding the latest addition to her brood, two-week-old Magnus. 35-year-old Sharny is a mum to six and still finds time to work out. Is she fully human we wonder?

This isn’t a surprising rise to fame for the couple though, as Sharny and Julius have over 24k likes on their fitness-based Facebook page with the pair having written numerous books on how to keep fit.

The proud dad and father uploaded the following picture, saying ‘I caught Sharny multitasking today. In public. #breastercising. I don’t get the whole breastfeeding in public problem. It’s not disgusting at all.’


The mother then had her own chance to upload a breastercising picture. With children surrounding her, and one to her breast, Sharny somehow still seems to make squatting look easy.


The reaction from the posts has been mixed with lots of people congratulating Sharny on her attitude, while others aren’t so convinced.

Jeanine Macintosh commented, saying ‘This is so awesome. I’m 11 wks pregnant with #7 and I say more power to her!!! Baby doesn’t seem to mind:)’

While follower Patricia Harris said, ‘Really! Breast feeding while exercising? I breastfeed my 3 children and felt that they deserved all my time and energy whether it be in public or private. Don’t have an issue with breast feeding at all, I think it’s wonderful, but for the little time you have them as tiny tots could you cut the multitasking crap for 10 mins and enjoy the one on one time with your child. We are/were all busy mums but I think our children deserve us to be completely in the moment with them.’

Sharny is keen to keep her body in tip top condition having found it hard to lose her baby weight after previous pregnancies. The sporty mum also cited breastfeeding as a great way for shifting the post-baby pounds saying it can help burn up to 400 calories a day.

But with her sixth mini-me now in tow it looks like this will be the last breastercising period for Sharny, who told the Daily Mail she’s finished having children: ‘I think I am ready to move on to the next stage of my life which is getting my body back, getting super fit and just having fun with all these kids.’

What do you think? Would you give breastercising a go? Or do you think the time after having a baby should be for rest and relaxation? Let us know in the comments below!