Calling all wannabe-makers. This little app has BIG ideas

Apparently 7 million of us would make stuff if we could match the little time we had to the perfect project (and then get clear instructions on how to make the actual thing). With this in mind, the clever folks at Lightbulb used what little free time they had to learn how to make an app.

If, like them, you want to make stuff but don’t know where to start – Lightbulb’s the app for you.

The Lightbulb app lets you pick a project that is do-able in your spare time.

From scrapbooking to embroidery, makes for the home to easy bakes – Lightbulb is packed full of exciting projects to get stuck into, and the real beauty of it?

It will slot right into your busy schedule, allowing you to find some time to be creative in the midst of all that work and play.

 You can create your own profile and follow step-by-step guides

How the app works:

1.   Decide on a project type
2.   Select the amount of time you’ve got spare
3.   Tell us a bit about your likes/dislikes
4.   Choose from a list of suggested projects
5.   Gather everything you need and then get making!
6.   Share the results and have your makes rated by others

So, if you’re sick of losing endless hours trawling Pinterest for inspiration – let Lightbulb do the hard work for you and start making stuff happen.

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