9 cats who taught babies extremely important life lessons (like your toes are ticklish)

It can be a bit of a handful, having kids and pets at the same time, but when it works it really works.

We’re talking about how your pet, and more specifically your cat, can teach you child some extremely important life lessons as they grow up beside each other. We obviously would not recommend leaving your cat to teach your child these lessons unsupervised, but if you can get your cat and your baby into a pupil/teacher relationship then all we’re saying is that it could save you a lot of time.

Here are the top 9 life lessons your cat can teach your baby…

1. You need at least eight hours sleep per night, get it however you can

2. Your toes are really ticklish, especially with a cat licking them

3. Friends come in all shapes and sizes

4. You should try and do at least a little exercise every day

5. Happiness is contagious, share it with everyone you can

6. Hand eye coordination is important to learn as young as possible

7. You can’t go wrong with a smart-catsual dress sense

8. You should always love thy neighbour, it makes life easier

9. And finally, walking is a really useful thing to learn how to do

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