Celebrities with twins

There are more celebrities with twins than you think! Have a peek at which A-list parents are dealing with double trouble (or twice the fun!)

Is it just us, or do a surprising amount of celebrity parents have twins in their families?

Julia Roberts to Celine Dion, Puff Daddy to Robert De Niro and of
course, Brangelina, these famous faces have all welcomed twins at some
point – and in the very rare case of tennis star Roger Federer, more
than one set!

Some of these celebs even had multiples before
they were famous (or in the early stages of their careers), so you might
not even know them as a parent of twins. However, like all mums of dads
of twins, behind the scenes they’ve got their hands full with double
the joy – or should that be double the trouble?

One of our
favourite things to do when we hear of the arrival of twins is to see
which baby names the parents have chosen, and see just how well they fit
together. There are some lovely examples in this collection, from Ricky
Martin’s sons Matteo and Valentino to more unusual choices like Julia
Bradbury’s girls Xanthe and Zena. And boy-girl duos can be even more
interesting – who could forget Mariah Carey’s little cuties, Moroccan
and Monroe, or Tilda Swinton’s pair, Xavier and Honor?

Some of
these children were born after having IVF or via a surrogate whilst
others were naturally conceived, and some are identical and others are
fraternal, but they all have one thing in common – their mothers and
fathers are certainly being kept on their toes by their sizeable broods!

you’re a parent of twins yourself or just curious about which stars
have had multiple babies, have a flick through our round up of celebs
with twins to find out who’s got twice the fun in their families?

Which of these celebrity twin baby names are your favourite? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!