How to get cheap cinema tickets during the summer holidays

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  • So you can get the kids out of the heat AND enjoy some quiet for a few hours.

    Mid-July means the summer holidays are upon us – i.e. it’s the time of year when you have to spend every waking moment with your offspring.

    Oh joy.

    Yes you love them, but all day long for six weeks when we’re in the midst of the country’s biggest heatwave to date is not always going to be fun.

    And there’s only so many times you can take them to the local leisure centre to cool them down with a dip. After a week you’ll have run out of towels, swimwear and patience.

    Enter – the cinema.

    While your annual Valentine’s Day Fifty Shades of Grey trips have you wrapped up in thick jumpers and multiple layers of socks, their somehow year-round A/C is a bit of a haven come the summer months when it’s actually useful.

    And movie giant Vue has made it even easier for you to go and take advantage of their chilly conditions with discounts to take you through to the end of summer.

    With their Super Mondays offer you can get tickets for as little as £3.99 (or £4.99 in more central locations) so you can get the little ones out of the house, keep them entertained and escape the heat without breaking the bank. Win win.

    Or if Monday’s aren’t enough for you, take advantage of their Mini Mornings discount where they offer tickets from £2.49 for both children and their accompanying adults. Finally a concession for being a parent!

    You can also get money off by using the Meerkat Movies discount, with Nectar card points or by visiting during their off-peak times.

    So with all these discounts you can get enough trips booked in to almost avoid the sweaty weather conditions completely.

    Although you might get through all the blockbusters so quickly that you’ll be left watching the Royal Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet screening by next week. Can’t guarantee you’ll have quiet kids for that one.