Disposable nappy advice

Whether your baby has just started to crawl or is taking his first wobbly steps, he’ll need a nappy that gives him freedom but doesn’t leak, especially overnight when he could be wearing the same one for up to 12 hours.

You may decide to go with a different (perhaps more economical) brand in the daytime and a super-absorbent one at night. There’s a huge choice of disposable nappies and different brands vary tremendously in shape. It’s a good idea to try a few before you invest in the super-size economy box.

Here’s what to look for:

*Fit: Any gaps around the legs or tummy could mean leaks (especially at night). Red marks on the tummy or around the legs may mean the nappy is too tight.
*Absorbency: Skin should be dry, not clammy, when you take it off.
*Comfort: There should be plenty of padding, but some nappies appear bulky and heavy before they’ve been used.
*Value for money: If the nappy leaks or doesn’t fit well, you’ll just end up changing baby more often.

What size?

Nappies come in a range of sizes based on babies’ weight. Although not all manufacturers categorise larger nappies as mini, midi and so on, weight ranges are generally the same:
*Newborn (2-5kg/4-11lb)
*Mini (3-6kg/6-13lb)
*Midi (4-9kg/9-20lb)
*Maxi (7-18kg/15-40lb)
*Maxi-plus (9-20kg/20-44lb)
*Junior (11-25kg/24-55lb)