‘Don’t take stroppy teens personally!’

When my eldest daughter Ella reached 13, I went from being her best friend to feeling I had no relationship with her at all. She would come in from school and just grunt at me. It was really heartbreaking as we’d been so close growing up.

I tried talking to her countless times but she acted like I was the most embarrassing person in the world. My partner persuaded me to not get too upset by the way she was treating me. I remembered how much I felt the world was against me when I was that age and decided the best thing to do was just ignore it.

After a while Ella started talking to me again. I think it helped that I didn’t show her how upset I was. Now she’s 15 and we’re much closer again.

I think you have to accept that some relationships are going to go through a rough patch. Teenagers can be very difficult and it’s not your fault!
Sara Croxley, 45, Washington, Tyne and Wear

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