Get the cash facts on student debt

The cash facts

* Every uni can charge new full-time undergraduate students up to £3,000 a year in tuition fees.

* The Government provides access to two loans through the Student Loans Company ( one for the full cost of fees, paid directly to the uni or college, and one for maintenance divided into termly payments into the student’s account.

* Maximum maintenance loans for new full-time students are £3,415 if you live at home; £4,405 if you live away outside London, and £6,170 if you live away from home in London.

* Some students may be eligible for a maintenance grant, depending on family circumstances. If so, they may also get a bursary from the uni or college to help with fees. The grant is £2,765 a year where the household income is £17,500 or less, diminishing as the income goes up, to £50 a year for £37,425. They don’t pay grants back and they don’t start paying loans back until they start earning.

* Full-time students need to fill in a PN1 form from Student Finance Direct in good time to make sure funds are available when they start. Visit

Check for financial help in the form of scholarships or awards. Visit to see what’s available.