How to avoid food ruts

DO involve children in writing shopping lists, planning meals, setting the table and cooking. If they’ve helped prepare a meal, they’ll be more inclined to eat, and you’ll feel less isolated.

DO make a shortlist of dishes they enjoy and you like preparing. Pancakes are easy and fun to make, and smoothies couldn’t be simpler. Pasta is always a winner, but ring the changes with different sauces. You can blitz veg in a processor so picky eaters won’t even know it’s there.

DO ask your friends what they give their kids. They might have some simple, fun suggestions.

DO get out the barbecue. Kids love the sense of occasion, and with any luck your man will want to do the cooking.

DON’T be a martyr. If you don’t feel up to cooking, suggest a picnic or order a takeaway for a treat.

DON’T feel guilty about cheating. Few of us have the time to cook dinner from scratch. Just try and balance ready-made meals with fresh food.

DON’T buy the same food every week. Yes, it might be easier to tear round the supermarket aisles or click on the same internet shop, but no wonder you and your family are bored. Make use of the recipe card suggestions at your local supermarket.