How to complain to the school

Don’t go in all guns blazing.

When something goes wrong, your protective instincts make you want to go to war. Resist!

Allow yourself time to calm down.

You don’t want to sour relations with the school and potentially make things worse for you child in the future. But equally, don’t let things fester.

Start by contacting your child’s teacher and if you don’t feel happy after talking through the problem on the phone arrange to meet at a time that’s convenient for you both. At the class doors first thing in the morning, surrounded by inquisitive children, is not a good time. At worst your suspicions may be confirmed, but hopefully the problem will be resolved. If you’re still not happy, complain to someone who’s further up the school.

Ask about the complaints procedure.

All schools have to have a detailed procedure on bullying.

Go to a meeting armed with questions and a diary of the times and dates of incidents.

Think about whether you want a simple apology or action.

If you’re still not satisfied by the response make a formal written complaint to the school’s governing body. Don’t embarrass your child by being heavy-handed, or they may not share their problems with you again.

The Advisory Centre For Education (ACE) offers advice on many topics, including bullying, special education needs and school-admission appeals.
Call their advice line on 0808 800 5793 (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm).