‘I panicked when my two year old stopped eating’

My son George had always loved his food but when he turned two, he suddenly stopped eating almost completely. I’ve also got a one-year-old daughter, Sophie, and even she was eating more than him.

Some days George was only eating a couple of mouthfuls a day and I was really worried. But the more I wanted to fatten him up, the less he seemed to eat.

In the end, I asked my home visitor for advice. She said as long as George was still pooing and had lots of energy, I shouldn’t worry.

Normally I’d sit and watch George as he ate his lunch and dinner alone but the health visitor told us to try something different. I started having my lunch at the same time as George and in the evenings, when my husband Dan got home from work, we all had dinner together as a family. When George saw us eating our dinners, he definitely wanted to eat more.

I think the main thing is not to make a big deal out of food otherwise kids will pick up on that. If they’re hungry, they’ll eat eventually. Just try not to worry about it in the meantime.
Hannah Ditch, 33, a mum of two from South London

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‘I panicked when my two-year-old stopped eating!’