Introducing children to your new partner

1. Trust your gut instinct. As a mum, you’ll know the right time to get the two most important people in your life together.
2. Think positively. Focus on what all three of you will gain from spending time together.
3. Take one step at a time. Arrange for your toddler to meet your new partner first – and his family later.
4. Get out of the house for your first meeting. Excite your toddler about the ‘play date’ and ask him where he’d like to go.
5. Don’t try to arrange the perfect date – plan to laugh as much as possible instead.
6. Talk to your partner about what you can both do to support each other on the day. He may be feeling nervous, too!
7. After your successful ‘play date’, cuddle your toddler and share what you’ve both enjoyed about the day.
Lorraine Thomas, childcare expert