Keep the kids safe trick or treating

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  • Kids love getting dressed up and going from door to door asking for treats – it’s all part of the fun of Halloween. But if you’re worried about their safety while they’re out, we’ve got some great tips and ideas to make sure they stay safe while enjoying Halloween!

    If you’ve got small children and want them to experience Halloween without the disappointment of endless closed doors and grumpy home-owners, why not do a tour of houses where you know the owners. It might be worth visiting people in advance, asking if they mind if your kids knock on their door on Halloween and giving them a treat for each of the kids. That way, they don’t feel pressured to spend any money and they will expect your visit.

    If you’re not comfortable letting your kids go out on their own – go with them! If you stay back and watch them from a distance you won’t be spoiling their fun!

    The sugar overload also worries many parents, so explain to your kids that they are allowed a certain amount that night, but then the rest will have to be put away to be shared out on other days. If you’re visiting neighbours in advance, then you could give them non-edible treats to give your kids to reduce the amount of sweets they’ll get, or decorate mini boxes of raisins to make them healthy spooky treats.

    Set ground rules if you are allowing older children to go trick or treating:

    * Only knock at each house once. Knocking on windows is banned!
    * Ask them to show you their tricks before they go – you may consider some too much, so it’s best to discuss this in advance
    * Ask them to always be considerate of others and polite – remind them that some people may be scared of them or busy trying to get babies to sleep
    * Set a fixed time they should be home by and agree their route in advance
    * Make sure they know not to go into strangers’ houses and that they should find an adult they know if they’re worried about anything. For more info and family support visit Family Lives.

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