Ten reasons only children are a good idea

1. Your child will feel valued and special because you can devote so much time to her.

2. Parents with one child often have a closer relationship with their child than parents who have several children.

3. An only child’s speech and cognitive abilities are typically more developed than those of other children.

4. Only children are usually very focused and perform well academically and professionally. Successful ones include Oprah Winfrey, Frank Sinatra and Tiger Woods.

5. Your child will learn to enjoy her own company.

6. She will have a greater capacity to interact with adults.

7. You won’t have to adjust your lifestyle as much as people with more children, it’s easy to take one child to a restaurant, art gallery or hotel.

8. It’s easier to leave one child with someone if you fancy a night away with your partner, than it is to leave two or three kids.

9. Children are expensive, it now costs about £165,000 to bring up a child from birth to age 21 (not including private schooling).

10. Your child will value her relationship with you and is less likely to rebel as a teenager than children from larger families.

Apester Lazyload