‘Their hormones are starting to kick in’

My twins Sarah and Ben were 10 last September and their hormones have just started to kick in.

Things they’d normally take in their stride are beginning to upset them. For example, Ben cried the other day because of something that happened while playing football and Sarah’s more worried about what people think of her at school.

I’ve also noticed them answering back a couple of times or saying ‘Whatever’ when I ask them something like a typical teenager! Sometimes when I say something to Sarah, she looks at me like I’m speaking Spanish and Ben thinks I’m ‘on his case’ all the time.

Some parents might get upset but I’ve got an older daughter, Charlotte, and I know it’s just a phase. Their hormones are probably making them feel differently and the talking back is just their way of asserting themselves.

In a way it’s sad to think they’re pulling away from me but it’s also exciting to think they’re growing up.

I still think it’s important they know what is and isn’t acceptable though. I always tell them off if they’re rude and insist they help around the house. Lucy Fowler, 40, from Crawley

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