Christmas baby names

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  • If you're about ready to pop this Christmas (and we don't mean because you've scoffed too many Christmas tree chocolates) then what about a Christmas baby name for your new little bundle of joy?

    Choosing a baby name is hard. Taking a look at the most popular baby names is one way to help you make a decision, but you can also take inspiration from the time of year your little one is born too!

    Stocking up on Christmas toys to fill a stocking for a new arrival? Christmas is one of the most magical times of year to have a baby, so here’s a run down of some Christmassy names for your bundle of joy and what their festive meanings are.

    Even if you’re not having your baby at Christmas, these festive names are definitely worth considering…

    Christmas baby girl names


    Angel/Angelina/Angelica – all names for angel

    Avery – meaning ‘Christmas elf’

    Carol or Carolle – from Christmas carol

    December – the month of Christmas

    Eira – Welsh meaning ‘snow’

    Eve – meaning living

    Faith – from the word ‘faith’

    Grace – meaning effortless beauty

    Gloria – meaning glory

    Holly – from holly tree

    Ivy – named after the climbing plant

    Joy – meaning joy!

    Mary – meaning star of the sea

    Michaela – female version of the Angel Michael, angel of love and families

    Natasha – meaning ‘Jesus’ birth’

    Neva – Latin origin meaning ‘Snow’

    Noelle/Noella – meaning ‘Christmas’

    Star – representing the star followed to find Jesus

    Winter – like the season

    Christmas baby boy names


    Alfredo – Christmas elf

    Balthazar – one of the three kings

    Casper – one of the three kings

    Celyn – meaning ‘holly’

    Christian – meaning follower of Christ

    Claus – meaning victorious people, but of course reminds us of Santa Claus!

    Eldan/Elden – meaning ‘Christmas elf’

    Eull – ‘Yule’

    Gabriel – from the Angel Gabriel

    Jasper – one of the three kings

    Jesus – meaning God will help

    Joseph – meaning ‘God shall add another’

    Malachi/Malakai – God’s messenger

    Noel – ‘Christmas time’ it can also mean ‘Angel’

    Nicholas – meaning victory of the people

    Robin – (unisex) meaning bright fame

    Rudolph – like our favourite reindeer!

    Tannon – from the Christmas carol, ‘O Tannenbaum’

    Did you chose a Christmas baby name for your child? Tell us your choice below…