The breastfeeding Christmas jumper that’s causing a storm on social media

With National Christmas Jumper Day coming up on Friday 18th December, you might feel like as a breastfeeding mum you haven’t got anything in your wardrobe that is both festive and functional.

It definitely can be difficult to join in with the latest trends when you’re a new mum. Not least when you’re nursing 24 hours a day with an impatient baby who isn’t willing to wait around whilst you wriggle in and out of your Christmas party-wear.

But we’ve got a suggestion for all you new mums out there: why not try out this completely bonkers (but equally fantastic) Rudolph breastfeeding jumper?

The jumper combines design with, well, some very easy access – exposing your entire right breast, but discreetly disguised as a reindeer.

With a red nose, antlers, stick on eyes and a tinsel frame, you could be forgiven for not noticing that the wearer is half-topless.

Whilst it addresses the issue of breastfeeding and the downright ridiculous ideas people have about it, we aren’t sure that the whole exposed breast thing is going to work with the British winter weather.

But with nearly 7,000 shares on the Beautiful Breastfeeding Facebook page, clearly the idea hasn’t just resonated with us but with mums all over the world.

Many have commented on the photograph of the jumper saying it would be perfect for ‘ugly Christmas jumper’ competitions.

Tara Curtis from Massachusetts, USA, said; ‘Does this fit the dress code for tomorrow night? I only read “no jeans or sneakers”.’

Katrina Gillespie, said; ‘Can’t tell, is this Rudolph… or a starving baby with it’s mouth open ready to latch? Either way it is epic!’

But mother-of-three Jennifer Tod, from Ohio, USA, reminds us all of the reality of being a breastfeeding mum; ‘No breastfeeding mom has a boob that perky… ‘

We agree, since when did you see Rudolph with stretch marks on his face? Maybe we’ll give this a miss for this year.