How to make a Christmas Eve box your kids will love

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  • Christmas Eve Box traditions are simply lovely to start with your family, and children will adore getting a Christmas Eve box as an early festive gift.

    If you’re looking for a special Christmas tradition to make this year even more magical, why not surprise your little ones with an early present and make them an adorable Christmas Eve box?

    These sweet boxes have been gaining popularity amongst parents, and this year there’s even more ideas out there for how to make your own version truly special.

    If, like ours, your kids find waiting until the big day arrives to get their hands on their Christmas toys just too tough, then a Christmas Eve box is most definitely for you.

    What is a Christmas Eve box?

    Christmas Eve boxes are traditionally given on 24th December as a special treat to get kids feeling as festive as possible before Santa arrives. It’s a lovely way to add another special memory to your Christmas period and can be a sweet tradition to keep for years to come, which your children will look back on when they have their own families.

    But before you start worrying that you’ll be expected to go out and buy another whole load of presents, on top of what we already know is a very expensive time of year, it’s worth remembering that Christmas Eve boxes aren’t about fancy gifts.

    The idea is to fill it with things that get your child excited for Christmas, and things that they can use on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You could even use smaller presents you’d bought for the big day to fill them, to continue the fun for even longer!

    What to put in your kids’ Christmas Eve box

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    In your Christmas Eve box you can add festive trinkets that are typical of the season and can be used on Christmas Day. You can actually put things in here that you would have bought anyway, like a Christmas stocking, your kids will love opening and putting them up themselves.

    • Festive pyjamas – Getting your family a new pair of Christmassy pajamas to wake up in on Christmas morning will look so sweet in any photos when you’re all opening your presents.
    • Reindeer food – Make a cute festive bag and pop in some little biscuits, carrots, hay or dog treats and pass them off as reindeer food. Your child will be so excited to put it out for Rudolph and his friends.
    • Christmas stocking – Whether it’s the same one every year or if you choose to do something a little different and buy a personalised one, if you put this in your Christmas Eve box your children can hang them up themselves.
    • Christmas film – Most Christmas films are relatively old and can be picked up on DVD for a few pounds, plus you can start a tradition of watching a new one every Christmas Eve.
    • Nice list certificate – This is a fun one – Congratulate your children for being good this year and make them a ‘nice list’ certificate.
    • Christmas story book – This is lovely if your children are younger, but even as they get older it will become a heart-warming tradition.
    • Christmas sweets or chocolate – There are lots of Christmas-themed goodies around, and this one is super easy to pick up from your local supermarket.
    • Festive mug, hot chocolate and mini marshmallows – Perfect for snuggling up and drinking while you watch your Christmas film.
    • Cosy Christmas socks – December is the perfect month to own some comfy bed socks to keep those little toes warm.
    • Christmas ornament – Getting each child their own individual Christmas ornament is a lovely tradition to start, they can hang their new one on the tree every Christmas Eve and keep them for their own tree one day.

    What to put in your teens’ Christmas Eve box

    As your little ones grow you’ll have to adapt the Christmas eve box contents to reflect their new taste. But, just because they’re teenagers now doesn’t mean they don’t still (secretly) love the festive magic from a Christmas eve box. We’ve found some inspirational ideas for the teens in your life this Christmas.

    • iTunes card – Many teens these days download music, so an iTunes card is a very welcome gift. You can get one for just £10, if you want.
    • Cinema tickets – Let the Christmas eve box spread the message of Christmas: spending time together as a family, and gift a family cinema voucher – they can even choose the film!
    • Christmas Bookmark – Winter is the perfect season to stay in and curl up with a good book.
    • Deck of cards – Challenge them to learn a magic trick or two.
    • Christmas giftcard – Nothing makes a kids feel more grown up than shopping on their own, with their own card. Plus, wait for the Jan sales and they can bag a bargain.
    • Giant chocolate bar – Curling up with a movie and bar of chocolate as big as your head is definitely a Christmas eve tradition any teen would be keen to be a part of.
    • Christmas bath bomb – Christmas is cinnamon, whether it’s in a cookie or in your bath. Some cost just £5 from Lush!
    • Christmas pillow case – As with Christmas pyjamas, a fun festive pillow case to change on Christmas eve really helps deliver the Christmas message!

    Where to buy a Christmas Eve box

    Christmas Eve boxes don’t need to be anything extravagant, and if you fancy making one yourself all you need is a box big enough for the treats you’ve bought and a bit of imagination when it comes to decoration. You can keep it simple and write a Christmas message on the front, or you could wrap it in Christmas paper.

    If you’re not feeling super crafty or running a little low on time, here are some places you can buy a beautiful Christmas Eve box to present your little one with.

    You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a Christmas eve box – this gorgeous one (that you could keep for years to come) is on sale at Matalan for just £2.50 (reduced rom £5), and will fit in perfectly with your festive decor!

    Buy HERE from Matalan, £2.50

    This option from John Lewis is very chic, and we love the colourful design – perfect for a Christmas eve box! It’s a little more expensive at £14,40 (reduced from £18), but we expect it would be a worthwhile investment.


    Buy HERE from John Lewis & Partners, £14.40

    Christmas Eve boxes really don’t need to expensive, as proven with this sweet one from Hobbycraft. You’ve also got the option to add extra embellishment with some tissue box. And it would work well for storage after the festive fun is over, too!

    Buy HERE from Hobbycraft, £3.50

    This fun and colourful box from Tesco also comes with a selectio of stickers, so you can add your child;s name for a personal touch!

    Buy HERE from Tesco, £4

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