Christmas penguin cards

Get creative this Christmas with some Christmas crafts! Treat your family and friends to a cute handmade Christmas card

 with this easy-to-make how to guide from Woman’s Weekly

Christmas crafts ideas

Step 1:

Fold a 24 x 14cm piece of coloured card in half to form a card shape. Print off the penguin image below and trace off the penguin outline, beak and flippers. Use tracings to cut these shapes from funky foam in colours as shown. Also cut a 4 x 6cm rectangle of white funky foam for the tummy. Glue the tummy to the penguin centring along the lower edge.

Christmas crafts

Step 2:

Cut a 22 x 1cm strip of green felt for the scarf. Fasten scarf around penguin and dot with glue to secure; fringe scarf ends. Glue penguin to card front 2cm above lower edge. Create a ‘face’ by gluing on beak and two 5mm sequins for eyes. Glue flippers to lower edge of penguin at either side of its tummy.

Step 3:

Shape an 8cm length of coloured cord in an arc above penguin’s head and glue. Trim two small pompoms to form flat ‘backs’; glue to ends of cord to form earmuffs. Dot three-dimensional white pearl paint ‘snowflakes’ on to the card and leave to dry. Write greeting inside the card!

Handy tip: Funky foam (also known as Neoprene foam) is available in A4 sheets, price 49p each, by mail order Fred Aldous

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