Princess Mazy and the pink decision

Once upon a time there was an enchanting little girl called Princess Mazy. She lived in the magnificent kingdom of Greentown, named after its magical landscape of green fields and millions of varieties of trees.

One day, a great big squishy parcel arrived for the Princess. Ripping open the silvery wrapping paper, Princess Mazy pulled out the most stunning pink dress. She immediately put it on and stared in wonder at herself in the mirror. It was better than anything, ever, and she’d never seen a colour as beautiful before in her whole life!

Looking around her, the princess realised there were all sorts of colours in her palace. There was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, every colour of the rainbow. But nothing but her dress was pink. Princess Mazy made a very serious decision and picked up the royal phone.

‘Hello?’ she said. ‘Is this Pink is Perfect Painting People? This is Princess Mazy. I would like everything painted pink please.’

That very day Pink is Perfect Painting People arrived and began to paint everything pink. The bath became pink, the kettle became pink, the cuckoo in the clock popped out pink and even the palace cat stood still too long and was painted – yes, you’ve guessed it – pink!
The next morning, Princess Mazy looked around her bedroom. ‘Perfect, perfect pink,’ she sighed with happiness. Then she got out of her pink bed, put on her pink slippers and walked across her pink carpet to open her pink curtains.

Outside, the birds were singing and the sun shone brightly in the sky.

Princess Mazy screamed.
‘What’s this?!’ she shouted. ‘The sun is yellow! The sky is blue! The grass is green! I want pink!’

She redialled Pink is Perfect Painting People and ordered them to paint everything outside pink, too.
It was very hard work painting all the blades of grass pink. Then they painted all the leaves and all the animals and the sky and the sun and all the flowers and finally, Princess Mazy was happy. To celebrate, she renamed her kingdom Pinkingshire and she went to sleep in her pink bedroom thinking happy pink thoughts.

The next day, and every day for the next fortnight, Princess Mazy looked out of her window and admired Pinkingshire. But after a few days, she became a little bored of only seeing pink. After a week Princess Mazy was VERY bored of pink and after two weeks she wished she hadn’t decided to hire Pink is Perfect Painting People at all. It wasn’t that they’d done a bad job, she just realised that she missed all the other colours and it didn’t seem quite right that grass and trees were pink. She went to her pink sleeping beauty bed all sad.

That night it rained and rained until the rainmakers couldn’t squeeze a single drop more out of the pink rainclouds.

At 7.30am, Princess Mazy’s mummy, the Whirly Queen, went to get the princess out of her pink sleeping beauty bed, but she didn’t want to get up.

‘I’m fed up of pink,’ she said. ‘I just wish the grass was green and the sky was blue and the sun was yellow again,’ and she pulled her pink duvet over her head.

The Whirly Queen comforted the sad princess, then went to open the princess’s curtains.
‘Princess!’ she shouted. ‘Princess! Come and look!’

Princess Mazy didn’t even bother to put on her pink slippers, she was so miserable. But when she looked out of the window, suddenly she felt like doing a twirly dance around the palace. For overnight the rainmakers had washed Pinkingshire clean. The grass was sparkling green, the sky burst with blue and the sun beamed its bright yellow rays down onto the multicoloured flowers.

‘Nature is beautiful!’ shouted Princess Mazy. ‘I’d like everything cleaned back to its proper colour please! And, while I’m at it,’ she added, ‘I’d like to turn Pinkingshire back into Greentown too.’
Then she pulled on her favourite pink dress.

‘I thought you were bored of pink?’ said the Whirly Queen.
‘I love the green grass and blue sky and yellow sun,’ said Princess Mazy, ‘and it seems to me that princesses shouldn’t really meddle with the colour of nature, but pink will be my top favourite colour forever and ever and ever.’
And she skipped down the hallway in her pink dress and pink shoes and lived happily and pinkily ever after.

The End.

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