Could a plastic bag change the way women give birth?

When complications during labour occur, medical options are generally a ventouse, forceps or a Caesarean section. But a mechanic might just have invented another method of delivering babies.

Argentinian car mechanic, Jorge Odon, 59, has devised a plastic bag that can be fixed around the baby’s head, inflated and pulled to remove the baby from the birth canal. Now, we know what you’re thinking, every instinct of our being thinks that putting a bag over a baby’s head is the most dangerous thing you can do, but of course babies don’t take their first breath until they’re actually born.

The invention, called the Odon Device, is thought to be safer than the alternatives and less likely to cause damage or infection to the mother or baby, particularly in third-world countries where medical instruments may not be readily available.

Odon says he had watched a YouTube video of someone removing a cork from a wine bottle using just a plastic bag. Then, in the middle of the night, he suddenly thought about how it could be applied to help women give birth.

The device is currently being tested by the World Health Organisation.

What do you think of this invention? Would you let your midwife use this device to deliver your baby? Were you or your baby damaged by a forceps or ventouse delivery? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter @goodtoknow #birthinvention or in the comments area below.

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