‘It only took 4 years, 3 miscarriages & 107 injections’ Couple’s pregnancy announcement goes viral

A couple’s pregnancy announcement has gone viral after they shared details of their heartbreaking battle with IVF along with the happy news.

Macy and Tyler Rodeffer had been trying for a baby for over four years, and have detailed the process on their joint blog, Martinis and Meds, as well as on their social media accounts.

The snap that captured people’s hearts was an image of a baby grow surrounded by dozens and dozens of needles and half-emptied pill bottles arranged into the shape of a heart. On the baby grow a slogan reads, ‘worth the wait, and wait, and wait’. Alongside the image the couple shared that this collection of aids was from just one round of IVF.

In an accompanying blog post the parents-to-be described the heart wrenching process of overcoming fertility problems through IVF. Macey writes, ‘We’re some of the lucky ones. It only took 4 years, 3 miscarriages, depression, 107 hormone injections, one surgery, two procedures, over 100 suppositories, and several thousand dollars to get our baby. You might ask how I say that we’re lucky. We’re lucky because we get to have a baby.’

Macey goes on to explain that so often with IVF there isn’t a happy ending, she says, ‘So many women don’t [have a baby]. Even more go through multiple rounds of fertility treatments to get their baby.’

Writing that a ‘baby doesn’t erase years of loss’ she goes on to say that, ‘What our baby does do is fill us with a love and joy and gratefulness that I never knew possible.’

In a touching last sentence the blogger hails other women with fertility issues, calling them her ‘sisters’ before saying that her heart will always be with them and how she understands how her pregnancy will be hurting them, despite them being ‘happier for me than anyone else could ever be’.

Macey’s post had comment after comment from women thanking her for her honest report of trying for a baby in this way. One follower explained her own struggles saying, ‘So many people complain, but even the ‘bad’ stuff just reminded me how awesome it was I was finally growing life inside me. As for the needles, I still haven’t parted with mine. I want to put Sophia amid them again for her first birthday.’

Following the hugely positive reception of her post Macey thanked all the women for writing to her and telling their stories, too. In a sweet post she told everyone that she was planning to reply individually as soon as she could.

Apester Lazyload