Dad makes desperate plea for lost pendant he shared with dead daughter

Dan Monaghan's three-year-old daughter died from cancer in 2015 and he has lost his half of a necklace pendant he shared with her. Taking to Facebook the dad has made a desperate plea to see if anyone has found the 'irreplaceable' piece of jewellery.

Dan’s daughter Delilah died after a 16-month battle against cancer. She was buried wearing half of a love heart pendant and Dan wore the other half.

The devastated father has taken to Facebook to reveal that he has lost his pendant and desperately needs help to find it.

He explained that he thinks he lost the necklace somewhere between a hairdressers and gym in Newport.

Alongside a picture of the missing pendant, Dan wrote: ‘This is a real long shot but today I have lost my half heart pendant form my chain.. The clasp broke on the chain and as I was getting out of my car I noticed the chain was hanging down my neck and the half heart was gone…

‘This half heart is literally IRREPLACEABLE to me.. and worth probably £2 to anyone else.. The other half of this pendant is buried with my daughter and I am utterly devastated to have lost it..’

He added: ‘I think it has come off somewhere between Off The Wall hairdressers at the top of town and Isle Be Fit gym in Holyrood street in Newport at around 1pm this afternoon (Friday 20th July 2018)…

‘I have retraced my steps and haven’t been able to find it.. If anyone comes across it can you please contact me.. either via Facebook or on 07967446030 and can everyone share this post as much as possible.. I would be forever grateful to be reunited with this.. like I say it is literally irreplaceable – Thank you in advance x x x’.

Dan Monaghan facebook

Credit: Dan Monaghan/Facebook 

Dan’s status upload added that he was ‘feeling hopeful’ and the post has already recieved over 11,000 shares in an attempt to spread the word.

Dan Monaghan

Dan Monaghan added a new photo.

Well-wishers have left hundreds of comments saying they hope that the missing pendant is found but there has been no luck yet.

One person wrote: ‘I do hope you find it as i know how you feel, i lost my little girl and little things mean a lot goodluck 💔’.

Another added: ‘Shared. Hope you find it. So sorry for your loss x’.

Others suggested really carefully looking through the car and perhaps putting a sock over the end of a hoover to get in all the little spaces.

We hope Dan is reunited with the pendant soon!

Apester Lazyload