Dad tattoos: 17 ideas for tattoos to honour your father

Father’s Day comes just once year, but these tattoo designs are a gift to dad that will last forever.

Even if he’s not go any tattoos himself, he’ll be touched that you committed your love for him to your skin – and if he’s covered in artwork? You could try the ultimate in bonding experiences and go and get new pieces together!

From colour to black and grey, traditional to fine line, classic designs to quirky concepts that you may not have seen before, here are 17 beautiful ways to honour your dad in ink.

Once you’ve made your decision, the only challenge left is going under the needle…

Get a simple note in his handwriting

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Artists can take the script from letters or birthday cards in a matter of minutes.

Incorporate his personality

Getting a tattoo for mum at the same time? This paired style is a perfect choice.

Focus on his hobbies[/instagram][instagram]

Fishing, camping, golf, cookies – whatever he loves the most.

Or give a nod to his job

This tattoo was for a dad who was an electrician, but you could come up with a similar design for any occupation.

Personalise your tattoo with a nickname

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Dad, daddy, pops, papa…

Focus on an important date or number

You don’t need to explain it to anyone, but you’ll know what it means.

Birthdays are a popular choice

Even in roman numerals!

Show off your similarities

If the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Remind yourself of what you know he’d tell you anyway

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Dads’ mottos are usually the best mottos anyway.

Go for small and simple, if you like

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be huge to make a statement.

Use his thumbprint for a touching tribute

It’s intricate work, but stunning once done.

Get a joint tattoo with a sibling

Sisters got this for their dad who past away.

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Because you all love him just as much.

Use a meaningful quote

There’s tons of beautiful sayings out there.

Or if your artist is skilled enough, opt for a portrait of your favourite photo of him

Everyone’s got that one iconic picture…

Remember his struggles

Cancer ribbons make gorgeous inkings.

Send him a permanent prayer

The symbolism gets stronger with each look.

And if he’s no longer with you, honour his memory

Gone, but never, ever forgotten.

Do you have a tattoo for your dad – or do you have some ideas in the works? Leave us a comment and share your plans and pictures below, and let us know if you’d like us to add them to our list!