14 daily #mumwins that definitely deserve a celebration

Warm cup of coffee in the morning, chilled glass of wine in the evening, keeping all your kids’ bodily fluids off public spaces and accepting you’ll never get them off you. There’s nothing quite like a mum win.

Motherhood can be hard. Like, exhaustingly hard. And while it’s all worth it, because you’re raising cute tiny humans the best way you can, every mum deserves a few wins every day.

The following events may be of no significance for non-parent people, but they are certainly enough to make you dance around the house like you’re Hugh Grant in ‘Love Actually’, even without The Pointer Sisters singing in the background.

1. When the cashier at the zoo believes your kids are four and not six

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Of course you had to previously bribe the kids with ice cream to guarantee they wouldn’t tell on you. No shame.

2. When a whole day goes by and your children haven’t microwaved any electronic appliances

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This is ultimate parenting success right here.

3. When you leave the house wearing matching socks

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Watch out world, I have my matching socks on.

4. When you manage to finish that cheeky biscuit while in hiding in the airing cupboard without being found out

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Unlike the usual scenario of being caught with a sneeky ‘what you got?’. Self five!

5. When your kid naps long enough for you to finally have an uninterrupted shower

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It’s been so long you’ve forgotten what you used to do in the shower before you had kids.

6. When you go to the loo and suddenly realise no else is in there with you

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So many happy tears.

7. When you manage to go out for a meal without your kids leaving any bodily fluids behind

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And you don’t have to run to the car before anyone notices a pool of wee in the middle of the restaurant’s floor.

8. When you finish your morning cup of coffee while it’s STILL WARM

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Yeah Leo, you may have gotten an Oscar but nothing beats a good cuppa in peace.

9. When everyone is happy about dinner

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Because you gave them chips, or ‘essential carbohydrates’ as we like to call them.

10. When you finally have time to do your hair and make up and feel like a human again

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‘Oh hi pretty, where have you been hiding?’

11. When all your children are asleep, AT THE SAME TIME

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Miracles DO happen!

12. When a quiet night in includes a glass of wine

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Or two. Or the entire bottle. Who’s counting?

13. When you survive a shopping trip without your kids shouting anything rude

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Like detailed descriptions of mum and dad’s private areas. Aren’t kids the best?

14. When you trick your kids to eat something they don’t like

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Parenting sourcery, which basically means cutting food into animals shapes. ‘No sweetie that’s not toast, it’s rhino bread.’ Jackpot!

Do you have you any #mumwins? Let us know in the comments!