‘That will take his eye out’ Danielle Lloyd slammed by fans for baby’s Christmas gift

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  • Danielle Lloyd has been criticised on social media for a Christmas gift her youngest child received.

    A baby’s first Christmas is always special, and it’s the first time family members and friends get to spoil them with gifts.

    But while most babies get cute onesies or cuddly toys, Danielle’s youngest son, who was born in September, received something a lot different.

    Taking to her Instagram account, the mum-of-four shared a picture of the diamond spanner bangle Ronnie got from his nanny and granddad.

    She wrote in the caption: ‘Ronnie’s diamond spanner bangle from his nanny and granddad bet he can’t wait to start fixing up them cars and motorbikes with your granddad and uncles πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸŒŽπŸŽ #luckyboy #ronnies1stchristmas’

    But the generous gift sparked controversy in the comments section, with many of her 400k fans slamming the family for the ‘showy’ gift.

    Worried about Ronnie’s safety, one wrote: ‘Jesus that will take his eye out. Ye let’s put a pointy metal object round the baby’s wrist.’

    A second commented: ‘Too showy this!! Really no need.’, while a third added: ‘Shows how materialistic people are these days. Poor baby’.

    However, others dismissed the criticism the mum was getting: ‘Goodness the comments! Baby bangles have been around for years and traditional in most families!’

    Danielle welcomed her fourth child in September, and recently revealed that she’s already planning to have another baby soon.

    In a statement, the 34-year-old, who is mum to four boys, said that she will go abroad to have gender selection in order to make sure she has a baby girl to add to her brood.

    ‘I’m not sure why anyone would deny us this. I’ve always wanted a girl, I totally appreciate the fact that some women aren’t lucky enough to have children and might think I’m selfish,’ the statement read.

    ‘Michael and I will go abroad for gender selection, I don’t doubt that many celebrities do it, but not many people say it’, Danielle said in a statement read Loose Women by Andrea McLean.