11 of the most MAGICAL Disney-inspired bedroom ideas ever!

When we were younger just a set of bunkbeds was exciting, but it looks like little ones these days have ever so slighty higher expectations from what their bedroom should hold.

A quick browse through Pinterest’s ‘Disney bedrooms’ boards will tell you everything you need to know about what it means to be a prince or princess in 2016. From carriage bedrooms to castle turrets, Disney bedrooms really are magical these days.

Aside from the fact that we’re really jealous and we would never have been allowed such extravagant rooms when we were little, this round up really did make us wish we had had a little more imagination when it came to decorating our kids’ rooms.

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And it’s not just all about the prince and princess themes either. From Toy Story to Cars, there are rooms for all kinds of Disney fans – and we doubt there’d be any complaints if you ‘threw together’ (you know, in all that spare time you have, with all the spare cash you have) one of these magical kingdoms.

Here are some of our favourites…

1. This magical pirate ship sleeping spot

Photo: Pinterest/disneyfreak94.tumblr.com
Because why would you want to sleep in just an ordinary bed?

2. This adorable Winnie The Pooh nursery

Photo: Pinterest/HubPages
Just IMAGINE the sweet dreams you’d have if you basically lived in the 100 Acre Wood.

3. This amazing Toy Story effort

Photo: Pinterest/Kyrstin Creswell
There’s nothing like taking a theme to infinity and beyond… (sorry!)

4. This wonderful Monsters Inc hideaway

Photo: Pinterest/luxuryretreats.com
And we bet there’s not a nightmare in sight for whichever lucky child gets to sleep here.

5. This Car’s fan heaven

Photo: Pinterest/roomzaar.com
That’s actually better then any car we’ve had…

6. This Princess pad

Photo: Pinterest/roomstogokids.com
Is too much sparkle a thing? NEVER.

7. This seashell Little Mermaid setup

Photo: Pinterest/Kimberly Breaux
For real life (and those who really want to be) mermaids.

8. This 100 Acre Wood Extravaganza

Photo: Pinterest/The Chive
We will NEVER be satisfied with our bedroom until it looks something like this…

9. This wonderfully restful Peter Pan themed bedroom

Photo: Pinterest/interiorholic.com
Maybe this is the key to staying forever young? On. It.

10. This Perfectly princessey playroom

Photo: Pinterest/houzz.co.uk
Dreams really do come true!

11. This incredible Frozen theme

Photo: Pinterest/Eleanor Hayes
We know a couple of little’uns who might like this one…