Do a DNA test in your own home

If you, a partner or ex-partner are uncertain about who a child’s father is, you can put your mind to rest with a DNA test available in Boots.

Where can I get it?
First, call the Anglia DNA helpline to speak to a trained member of staff to find out if the test is suitable for you. Then, if you are over 16, you can buy the test from Boots.

How much does it cost?
It’s currently selling at Boots for £30.63, plus a lab fee of £129 for a standard 5-day service.

How reliable is it?
The test is accurate more than 99.99% of the time.

How do I do it?

  1. Read the instructions and there’s also a DVD to watch.
  2. Collect the samples from mother, child and father using mouth swabs in the kit.
  3. Place swabs in the colour-coded envelopes provided.
  4. Complete consent form and pay.
  5. Put the collected samples, consent forms, photocopied ID documents and payment in the prepaid envelope and send it to Anglia DNA Services Ltd.

Is the test painful?
No, you use a mouth swab that’s supplied which simply takes cells from the cheeks. No blood required.

Does it work on a baby?
Yes, you can use it on a child any age. Around half of the tests done are on children under 12 months.

What if the result’s not as I expected it to be?
In most cases families get the results they were expecting. All customers are offered an aftercare call after they’ve received their results and can call the helpline at any stage during and after the testing has been done. You’ll also be encouraged to contact a support group.

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