Mum’s heartbreaking video warns parents to ‘please get your kids a helmet’ after daughter falls from skateboard

A mother from Pembrokeshire has released an emotional plea to parents asking them to ensure their children wear a helmet while skateboarding and biking, after her daughter suffered a tragic fall.

Emma Fairthorne’s Facebook video has gone viral after being seen over 800,000 times, as she warns other parents about the dangers of their children not wearing a helmet this summer.

Emma’s daughter Georgia, 19, wasn’t obviously at risk being a mature age and skateboarding on a flat area close to her home. But unfortunately, just one mistake by slipping on a stone led to her suffering a head injury, which has lead to brain surgery and an induced coma.

Standing outside Cardiff Hospital, Emma explains, ‘She was out playing with her sisters – she’d had a really nice week with us down here. The older ones decided to go out on skateboards – I heard them at the front of the house.’

It was only half an hour later when Emma heard shouts that Georgia was hurt. A passing car took her to the scene of the accident where Georgia had just suffered a fit, before regaining consciousness and being rushed to hospital. Now Emma wants to spread the message to both parents and children that it’s important to wear a helmet.

She warned, ‘I know it’s not cool to wear a helmet. We didn’t have one that fitted Georgia but I just didn’t think. She didn’t go down a massive hill. I wish as a mum that I had provided her with a helmet. Please guys, please… just take care. Take care of your kids and get them a helmet.’

Emma has since started a blog, Georgia On My Mind, where friends and family can stay updated on Georgia’s progress.