Dog owner issues chilling warning over Mrs Hinch favourite Zoflora

A dog owner has issued a chilling warning over Zoflora.

The household disinfectant has become a favourite in households across the country, becoming especially popular after gaining a reputation as one of Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch’s must-have cleaning products

But the cult product can actually be very harmful to have around your pets.

Just over a year ago vets warned against the product, claiming that it contains ingredient benzalkonium chloride, which can be poisonous to dogs.

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And now a pet owner has taken to social media to issue a stark warning against the product, after her pet dog had a life-threatening reaction to it.

Taking to Facebook to share her horrifying experience, dog owner Donna Brydon revealed that her 12-week old King Charles spaniel was badly affected after accidentally encountering the cleaning product.

Sharing a photo of her pup who was nursing a very sore-looking swollen eye, Donna wrote, ‘I thought my poor furbaby was on her wayout💔 she was so sleepy and her eye swelled up.

Donna Brydon

I thought my poor furbaby was on her wayout💔 she was so sleepy and her eye swelled up. Straight to the vet and this was the answer. Amanda Kirkland had just washed her floor with zoflora and its…

She then revealed that after taking her dog to the vet, they discovered that she had come into contact with Zoflora after being over at a friend’s house who had just cleaned her kitchen floor.

‘It’s poison to some dogs,’ she continued, adding, ‘thankfully the medication the vet gave her has made her feel so much better ❤ love her wee face so much ❤ xx’.

Vets have previously warned pet owners over the product, with Nicola Robinson, a vet and head of service at the Veterinary Poisons Information Service, telling the Sun, “Zoflora contains a detergent called benzalkonium chloride which is particularly toxic in cats and can cause oral and tongue ulceration, hypersalivation and inappetence”.

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“Cats roam between houses and therefore it is hard to keep them away from this product when it is often used to clean patios but owners need to be aware of the risks to animals.

“They usually lick their paws if they have walked on freshly cleaned floors which then leads to signs of toxicity.

“Our advice is to use more natural products if you have pets.”