Emma Willis left ‘foaming at the mouth’ after fainting during TV midwife series

Emma Willis suffered a worrying health scare while filming her new midwife documentary, leaving her ‘foaming at the mouth’.

Emma announced that she was going to be hosting a new midwife documentary back in April and said it was one of her dreams.

Although Emma has welcomed three children to the world with husband Matt, nine-year-old Isabelle, six-year-old Ace and two-year-old Trixie, she wanted to be at the other end of the birthing experience for a change!

She told the Daily Star: ‘I want to deliver a baby, or at least see a delivery. I think it would be incredible to witness. I missed mine because I was at the other end.’

However, although Emma said she was ready for all the blood and gore that comes with being in a hospital, she fainted when she was observing a post-birth operation, which left her ‘foaming at the mouth’.

Emma spent six months training for the show to become a qualified Midwife Care Assistant (MCA).

She suffered the horrific health scare on one of her days off from filming the W series when she volunteered to observe a post-birth operation.

Opening up about the dramatic event on This Morning with hosts Rochelle Humes and Philip Schofield, Emma recalled: ‘I was shadowing the MCA who was running in to a post birth repair and I was 50 per cent really up for it, because I’m into theatre and bodies, and 50 per cent apprehensive because I had a similar experience with my first birth.’

Emma revealed that re-living her own birth in her head made her feel very unwell and she fainted there and then!

She explained: ‘I started to feel a bit dodge and I thought I’m not going to look, and just listen to the girls, but I couldn’t stop looking and then stars happened.

‘I said to Sarah, the MCA [maternity care assistant], “I’m going to go” and, as I ran out of the back door, the last thing I heard was sit down, but I didn’t sit.’

Emma can still remember what she was dreaming about while she was out cold on the theatre floor. She revealed: ‘I was in my kids’ school playground and it thought it was a teacher calling my name but it was Sarah shouting Emma, Emma.

‘She said you were proper foaming, eyes rolling. They got me in a bed and I was written up on the board.’

Emma Willis Delivering Babies airs on W at 10pm every Monday

Apester Lazyload