Odds on Kate Middleton’s fourth pregnancy have been slashed but could the Duchess really be expecting?

The odds on Kate Middleton’s fourth pregnancy have been slashed by bookies leaving many people to speculate that another Cambridge baby is on the way.

Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child together on St George’s Day last year but could the couple be expecting a fourth baby?

William’s brother Prince Harry will be welcoming his first child with his wife Meghan Markle in spring and there is already a lot of excitement over whether the due date will overlap with little Prince Louis’ birthday or even her Majesty’s.

But now royal fans are in a next level state of hysteria over the idea that Kate Middleton could be expecting her fourth child.

Betting intelligence site bookmakers.tv have revealed that odds on Kate and William having a fourth baby are at an all time low, which suggests a lot of people think another little Cambridge is on the way…

Odds in the UK on a fourth Cambridge baby are thought to have dropped to as low as 2/1 as a result of so many new bets being placed on this happening.

Ladbrokes have odds of 8/1 on Kate having a baby in 2019.

Speaking about the odds Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: ‘2019 may be Harry and Meghan’s year on the baby front but the latest odds suggest Kate isn’t far behind with baby number four possibly on the way.’

Kate and William looked pretty content as a family of five in their 2018 Christmas card

However, given that Kate has suffered from severe hyperemesis gravidarum for her previous three pregnancies, we think it’s highly unlikely she’s currently pregnant.

Kate has her first public event of the year next week at King Henry’s Walk Garden in Islington, London which suggests she is not pregnant. The Duchess of Cambridge has previously had to pull out of her royal duties due to the severity of her hyperemesis gravidarum and this was usually followed by big royal announcement to confirm the baby news.

If Kate suddenly pulls out of next week’s events, our ears will certainly be pricked but, until then, it’s pretty safe to assume Kate and William are content with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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