Mum spots something very rude on daughter’s new T-shirt

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  • A mum ordered her daughter a new t-shirt online, but when the order arrived it wasn’t what she was expecting…

    It’s always tricky to buy your little tot new clothes, and they grow so fast you usually end up chucking them in the bin or donating them to a baby bank after just a few months wear.

    So, many parents opt to buy clothes online to save money and to get their hands on the latest cute designs.

    Mum, Kelsey Dawn Williamson, ordered her three-year-old daughter, Salem, a cute Frog and Toad shirt from AliExpress online.

    But, when it arrived in the post, the t-shirt really wasn’t exactly what Kelsey was expecting.

    Instead of the sweet Frog and Toad shirt, Kelsey received a shirt with the phrase ‘F*uck the Police’ written underneath the image. Oops!

    Seeing the funny side, Kelsey took to Facebook to share her hilarious experience.

    Alongside a photo of her three-year-old tot dressed in the new shirt, Kelsey wrote: ‘What I ordered VS what I received. I f****ing love China. I cannot stop screaming. WHO DOES THIS.’

    Kelsey Dawn Williamson

    What I ordered VS what I received. I fucking love China. I cannot stop screaming. WHO DOES THIS. Editing because I’ve seen some nasty attitudes: SALEM IS 3 AND CAN’T READ. I DID NOT BUY THIS. THIS…

    After 67k likes and 32k shares of Kelsey’s hilarious post, some Facebook users questioned her decision to allow the tot to wear the t-shirt.

    However, Kelsey, assured everyone her daughter wouldn’t be wearing the outfit in public!

    Most users saw the funny side of the t-shirt with many commenting under the sweet post of Salem.

    One user wrote: ‘Your daughter is adorable and the shirt is hilarious (in a wtf made them decide to put that on there way) 😂’

    Another jokingly said: ‘hey i’m gonna need the link. both of my kids need one 😂😂😂😘’

    Another added: ‘This honestly made my whole week. I cannot😂😂’

    This isn’t the first time mum’s have experienced a kid’s clothing blunder.

    One mum was left horrified when the seemingly cute jumper she bought for her daughter with cute pandas all over it, actually displayed the pandas positioned in rather rude poses.

    And, another woman experienced a wardrobe malfunction on another level after purchasing a pink dress. She later discovered the pattern on the front looked very much like a woman’s vagina.

    Thankfully, Kelsey was a good sport about her unexpected t-shirt order.

    Hopefully AliExpress get it right next time – Oops!