Mum brought to tears after first class passenger gives up his seat for her and her ill child

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  • A mum travelling with her chronically-ill baby was brought to tears after a first-class passenger secretly gave up his seat for them.

    Kelsey Zwick, from the US, was travelling from Orlando to Philadelphia with her 11-month-old daughter Lucy to visit the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

    The mum-of-two, whose daughter has chronic lung disease from complications during pregnancy, shared a Facebook post explaining how she was approached by a flight attendant who said that a first-class passenger had requested to switch seats with her.

    ‘We pre-boarded the plane, got cozy in our window seat and made jokes to those around us about having to sit by my yelling-but-happy baby,’ she wrote.

    ‘The flight attendant came over and told me you were waiting to switch seats. You were giving up your comfortable, first class seat to us.

    ‘Not able to hold back tears, I cried my way up the aisle while my daughter Lucy laughed! She felt it in her bones too,’ Kelsey continued, ‘real, pure, goodness. I smiled and thanked you as we switched but didn’t get to thank you properly.

    ‘I don’t know you, but I imagine you saw us somewhere,’ added Kelsey. ‘I was pushing a stroller, had a diaper bag on my arm and also lugging an oxygen machine for my daughter.’

    Kelsey Zwick

    To the man in 2D. Today you were traveling from Orlando to Philly. I don’t know you, but I imagine you saw us somewhere. I was pushing a stroller, had a diaper bag on my arm and also lugging an…

    After appealing to find the generous stranger on social media, Kelsey’s Facebook post was shared over 470,000 times before eventually coming across the kind first class passenger, Jason Kunselman.

    ‘I was tearing up when I saw her,’ Jason, an engineer from Pennsylvania, told the Mail Online.

    As a frequent flyer with an American Airlines Executive Platinum membership, Jason thought nothing of offering his spacious and comfortable seat to the young mother and child.

    ‘Kelsey was pre-boarding and I saw the young mother traveling with a child that needed oxygen. She was so tiny.’

    ‘She had an oxygen machine for her daughter. It couldn’t be put over her head and she had to have it with her the whole time. It was so touching seeing the little girl with her oxygen.’

    After seeing the mum and baby board towards the back of the plane, Jason approached the flight attendant to ask if they would be more comfortable in his seat.

    ‘I expected to see her in the front since she had the oxygen machine with her but when I boarded she was in the back,’ he said.

    ‘I just hoped that she had a better flight with more room.’