Prince George and Princess Charlotte get the best festive treat from grandma Carole Middleton

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be getting the best festive treat from grandma Carole Middleton, and we want one too…

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed last week that the two little royals are already getting excited for the big day.

She said to well-wishers during a royal engagement: ‘The [kids] are doing well thank you. Getting excited for Christmas time because they’ve started all their Christmas songs and Christmas trees are going up and stuff.’

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And turns out that George and Charlotte have yet another reason to get excited for Christmas. Their grandma Carole Middleton has revealed the lavish tradition she has with her grandchildren, and we bet they love it!

Speaking to The Telegraph in what was her very first interview ever, she said she loves Christmas trees and that she likes to have as many as possible in the house – including one in the grandchildren’s rooms ‘so that they can decorate it themselves’.

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While Carole now has four grandchildren, little Louis and Pippa’s son – who’s reportedly named Arthur – are still too young to enjoy this tradition. George and Charlotte on the other hand are definitely old enough to be very excited to decorate their own little tree, with Charlotte probably picking her decorations based on her latest obsession

Opening up about her parenting style, Carole also revealed she values discipline the most and thinks children should eat with the grown-ups ‘as soon as they can sit up straight’.

The 63-year-old told the Telegraph: ‘I think one of the most important qualities of a good parent is discipline. That doesn’t mean you’re strict, but routine is vital.

‘Maybe structure is a nicer word. You can’t suddenly start teaching them about politeness at 13. You have to do it from the start.’

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It’s still not confirmed whether Kate, William and their children will be spending Christmas with the Middletons or the Royal Family, while reports suggest they will be heading to Sandringham again this year.