Sam Faiers warned by fans over ‘dangerous’ behaviour with son Paul

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  • Sam Faiers has been criticised by fans, for putting her son Paul in ‘danger’ because of a car seat fail.

    During the final episode of The Mummy Diaries, the reality show in which Sam stars with her family and alongside sister Billie’s family, eagle-eyed fans spotted something that made them warn the mum on social media.

    After taking son Paul, who will soon turn three-years-old, to his first playgroup experience, Sam is seen driving him back in the passenger seat.

    Baby Paul Mummy Diaries

    Credit: ITVbe

    While the back seat is considered to be safer, it’s legal for children to be on the front seat. However, it was the car seat straps that concerned fans about the star’s little boy.

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    Taking to Twitter, fans confessed they spotted one of the straps was off his shoulder, as they were also quite loose.

    One said: ‘Wonder how many people notice baby Paul’s car seat straps?’

    Another added: ‘How dangerous was that- driving with baby Paul in the front, and his car seat straps not on properly!’

    A third wrote: ‘Please wear your seatbelt properly Sam and Baby Paul’s needs to be tighter! Take it from a ex- A and E nurse.’

    Baby Paul Mummy Diaries

    Credit: ITVbe

    Another blunder was the fact that little Paul was wearing a padded gilet, and official guidance says children’s coats must be taken off before strapping them on car seats, as thick coats mean the straps are still dangerously loose.

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    One fan of the show added: ‘Sam really needs to put Paul in the back, take his coat off and tighten his car seat straps.’

    While another added: ‘I’m not usually one to comment but I am so shocked to see how baby Paul is strapped into his car seat. He might as well not be wearing a harness.’

    Sam, who’s currently on holiday in the Maldives for Christmas, is yet to comment.

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