What is the school uniform grant and how can you apply for one?

We all know how expensive the school year can be, especially where school uniforms are concerned.

But did you know that you can apply for a school uniform grant from the government? It’s a scheme set up to support parents with uniform costs, especially low-income families.

However, there’s a downside. The grant is not compulsory so some councils across the UK have chosen to withdraw from the scheme.

If you’re interested in the scheme, first you should check if your local council does offer the school uniform grant. To do this, simply visit the Gov.uk website.

If your council does offer the scheme, then you can submit an application to them via their website. There are a few things required to make you eligible though; your household income must be less £16,190 a year, and you must also be receiving benefits.

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These benefits can include income support, job seeker’s allowance or child tax credit. You’ll also need to prove you’re legally response for your child, by sending a copy of a bank statement confirming child benefit payments.

Other financial support is also available, even if your local council does not offer this scheme to you. Examples of this include free school meals or free travel to and from school.

There’s still a chance to save some money if you don’t qualify, because Aldi have launched their £4.50 school uniform preorder. It has all the essentials such as trousers, skirts, polo shirts and plimsolls.

So whilst back to school season can be stressful, there are definitely options out there to help reduce the costs, and your stress levels too. Hopefully that’ll help you enjoy the summer holidays in peace, if you can!

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