Top baby names for 2019: Is your choice on this list?

The top baby names for 2019 are in, with the introduction of some new and exciting trends.

If 2019 is the year you are due to give birth and you still haven’t chosen that all-important coveted moniker from the top baby names list, don’t worry.

We know choosing a baby name be a tough decision – there are so many different inspirations. It could be that you’re a fan of the traditional names, or favour the more unusual and unique. Maybe you love the royal touch

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And if you’re keen to step away from the ever-popular ‘Olivia’ and ‘Oliver’ and other names that made it on the list of 2018’s most popular baby names, read on…

Because Parenting website, The Baby Centre has drawn up a list of the baby name trends they think will be most popular in 2019. Here’s an idea of what you’ll be writing in congratulations cards next year.

Top baby names

Anti-trend baby names

Worried that a too-trendy name might make your little one stand out for the wrong reasons – or that they’ll end up with the same name as everyone else in their nursery class?

Some new parents are deliberately seeking out unpopular baby names in a bid to swerve the pitfalls. Timeless but underused names like these are set to make an under-the-radar comeback. Just keep them to yourself:



Shoe baby names

In an age of obscure and original baby names new parents will take inspiration from anywhere they can think of, and apparently in 2019 that will even stretch to what they’re wearing.

But while taking inspo from chic garments like Coco, Stella and Vera has long been a naming trend, it’s predicted that 2019 will see us focusing on what we wear on our feet instead.

Names of trainer brands are on the rise. Yep – that’s right.

Look out for:

Van (Vans)
Chuck (Converse)
Taylor (Converse)

If none of these tickle your fancy but you still want to go along the footwear route, you could go for Puma, Fila, Diadora or Jordan. Or even Stan or Smith after Adidas’ iconic kick.

Boxset baby names

‘Real time TV’ doesn’t tend to happen as much these days as the convenience of Netflix has taken over.

Viewers are happy to clock up the hours binge-watching boxsets, such as Game of Thrones, Killing Eve and The Bodyguard – which was the UK’s most watched boxset of 2018, by the way.

So, with all this great TV being consumed it’s little wonder that fictional characters are providing inspiration to parents.

Check out these soon-to-be-chart-topping names;

Aria/Arya – a Game of Thrones
Julia – BBC’s The Bodyguard
David – BBC’s The Bodyguard
Eve – Killing Eve
Villanelle – Killing Eve

Top Baby Names

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Animation inspiration

According to The Baby Centre, parents are turning to kids shows for  baby name inspiration. Cartoons on the big screen, such as Peter Rabbit saw a rise in the name Peter, as well as other Beatrix Potter and Disney-inspired monikers.

And, for the first time, Bing – from British cartoon Bing! – appeared on The Baby Centre name register for the first time. Other names to look out for are;

Ryder (Paw Patrol)
Chase (Paw Patrol)
Dougie (Hey Duggee)
Elsa (still popular from Frozen)

Top Baby Names

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That 70’s name

The year of 2018 saw the surprising rise of the 80’s top baby names like, Barry and Patricia. But, it’s all change for 2019, oh yes The Baby Centre predicts a 70’s comeback for babes of the future. Look out for the following names;


Long-haul names

Another trend predicted for 2019 is names of far-flung destinations – The Baby Centre has seen a rise in this style. And predict it’s a trend that is expected to continue with the following names;


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