Victoria Beckham reveals she’s become an aunt again

Victoria Beckham has taken to social media to reveal she’s an aunt again, after her brother Christian Adams welcomed a baby.

The mum-of-four – who recently celebrated her birthday – shared the lovely baby news on her Instagram, with a sweet snap of her new niece.

Victoria’s brother – who’s already a dad to three boys – welcomed a daughter, who they have named Tabatha.

In the picture, the baby girl is seen lying next to a cuddly toy, dressed in a white onesie.

Christian and his partner Emma Strafford tied the knot two years ago, with Victoria sharing a few snaps from the celebration at the time on her social media.

Credit: Instagram/victoriabeckham

The former Posh Spice is very close to her family, and has previously spoken about how that even played a factor on her relationship with David.

She said back in 2015: ‘What I really liked about David right from the start is that when all the other players were in the lounge afterward having a drink with their friends.

‘David was sitting with his mum and dad and his younger sister. I’m really close to my family, he’s very close to his and I just thought that was really nice.’

Speaking to Vogue, the designer also revealed she would watch her mum and dad’s dinner parties from afar with her siblings.

She said: ‘We weren’t allowed to attend so we’d sit and watch. Mum had blonde hair and shoulder pads, there was a lot of velvet, nipped-in waists and 15-denier tights. She was properly dressed for dinner.’

She also added her parents were always her biggest supporters: ‘My family brought me up telling me I could achieve absolutely anything. Whenever I said I can’t do it, my dad, he just wouldn’t hear it. He’d say, ‘what do you mean you can’t do it? Why? Why?’ And so I do that to to my own children as well.’