Katie Price praised by fans over latest video of her daughter Bunny on social media

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  • Katie Price has received praise from fans after she posted an adorable video of her daughter Bunny on social media.

    She often shares glimpses of her family life with pictures and short videos of her five children, and her latest post – featuring Bunny singing songs to her before bed – has been melting fans’ hearts.

    In the cute clip, Katie can be heard asking ‘Bunny what are you doing, are you going to bed?’, to which Bunny replies, ‘Yeah’, and Katie says ‘Do you want to sing mummy a song?’

    The two-year-old starts singing ‘Mummy I love you and you love me’, before Katie responds lovingly with ‘Aww I love you Bunny!’

    Just as the mum-of-five says ‘Night, night’ to her daughter, Bunny tells her mum that she wants to sing the nursery rhyme, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’. When she’s finished Katie tells her ‘You’re gorgeous!’, while her daughter blushes.

    But the little girl still doesn’t want to go to sleep yet, as she says she wants to sing another nursery rhyme and starts ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. Katie encourages her daughter to ‘look at mummy when [she sings] it’ and so she starts from the top.

    My gorgeous precious Bunny entertaining me when I put her to bed earlier ❤️❤️

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    The cute clip received over 361,000 views on Instagram along with over 600 comments from fans, with many telling Katie what a great mum she is and how adorable Bunny seems.

    ‘Doing a cracking job as per Katie, true inspiration’, said one fan.

    ‘Aww bless she beautiful her singing is amazing bless her she such a cutie’, commented another.

    One fan also stood up for the star commented, who often sparks controversy on social media: ‘Anyone can say what they like about Katie, and that’s okay, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But there’s one thing NOBODY can correct her on, or pull her up on, and that’s how much of a fierce mommabear she is, and how much love and devotion she has for her kids. Love it.’

    Recognising that this is more than just a kid singing songs to their mum as Katie is also indirectly teaching Bunny about speech and communication, another fan showed their support.

    ‘This is so important to see. Parents teaching nursery rhymes and songs. Speech and language! their child singing it back. Wish more parents did this and communicated with their child. The most precious gift that you can give to any young child. Love it’, the user commented.