Can you pass the Christmas wrapping challenge?

Ever tried wrapping a present as quick as you can? No, us neither. Normally it’s done with mulled wine in hand, singing along to Slade and swearing at the sticky tape that’s folded in on itself.

But, we’re a competitive lot and when caught a glimpse of a video doing the rounds of someone who can do it in seconds we decided, ‘that looks easy’. In the video below a present is wrapped in a record-breaking (probably) 15 seconds…

The challenge

As you see, it really is quite impressive, so we challenged our own crafter and avid wrapper, Gemma Chandler to wrap one little box in just 8 seconds!

Cue wrestling with wrapping paper, swift sticking, and practice presents that look like the kids have taken over the job as Gemma finds out if speed-wrapping is this year’s Christmas miracle, or if we’re in for the long run again when it comes to gift garnishing.

Go on, admit it, present wrapping really is a labour of love – oh don’t worry, we agree – in fact, Brits spend a whopping 13 million hours every year on the tedious task, with each person wrapping an average of 30 presents per year and spending some 10 minutes per gift. Yeah, we believe that.

Unsurprisingly, most men do their very best to get out of the chore, with some even offering to take out the bin! Most just hand the job over to wives and mothers alike, to the point that some women find themselves wrapping a massive 60 presents! Yep, we believe that.

Could you do the Christmas wrapping challenge?

Channel your inner department store superstar and spruce up the annual pressie-prep mission. On your marks, get set… wrap!