50 years of parenting

It’s 50 years since the baby boom of the 1960s so we’re taking a look at how parenting has changed during the last half century.

So what’s different?

For mums things are very different, we’ve got some interesting facts:

  • Only 6% of mums in 1960 were single when they gave birth, today 47% of mothers aren’t married
  • First-time mums were, on average, 2 years younger at 27, compared to an average age of 29 today
  • Today, nearly 3 million of us are lone-parents, that’s nearly 1-in-5 of all UK families
  • Almost 1-in-4 modern day parents get financial help from their own parents
  • During the 60s and 70s, maternity leave didn’t exist!

Grab a cup of tea and watch this short video exploring these changes with first-hand experiences from real mums and expert opinions.

Did you know it’s also been 50 years since Mothercare first opened its doors!

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