Hilarious exam answers that are definitely wrong but still deserve an A+

The pressure, the nerves, the timetable, the revision… exams can definitely be tough – but not for these particular kids. When they were faced with a question they weren’t quite sure about, these hilarious bright sparks reached right into their creative toolboxes and brought out some of the funniest, most ridiculous and, in some instances, downright genius answers they could find.

From funny one-liners to super-smart wordplay, these 32 youngsters could probably take on the world between them – because although their answers are, for the most part, technically wrong, they’re so fantastic that if we were their teachers, we would have given them an A+ for ingenuity regardless. Not yet convinced? Let us introduce you to the test takers that are just too smart for their own darn good… which one will make YOU laugh the hardest?

This money-savvy mite

Image: imgur/Haggysack
Conservatories don’t come cheap, after all…

This sarcastic smartypants

Image: Facebook/Damith Bandara

The total realist


The word search master

Image: Imgur

This toilet humour expert

Image: Imgur

This very literal artist

Image: Imgur

This sassy relationship counsellor

Image: Facebook

This crafty creative

Image: Imgur

This Formula 1 fan

Image: Imgur

This regular little groover

Image: Reddit

This amateur astronomer

Image: The Metapicture

And Beyonce fan, naturally.

This equality campaigner

Image: Meh.Ro

This budding historian

Image: Bored Panda

This geometry enthusiast

Image: Imgur

This eye doctor, apparently

Image: Imgur

This extremely literal reader

Image: Imgur

This master DJ

Image: Imgur

This somewhat bleak realist

Image: Imgur

And his friend, Warren

Image: Imgur

This cheeky chancer

Image: Imgur

Who needs to pray that their teacher has a sense of humour.

This fan of stating the bloomin’ obvious

Image: Hexjam

And this one too

Image: Rant Lifestyle

Seriously, they’re all doing it

Image: Pleated Jeans

Just like this no-nonsense student

Image: Distractify

And this one too

Image: Imgur

This budding misogynist

Image: Humoar

Who should probably have a word with this budding feminist

Image: Pleated Jeans

This brazen daredevil

Image: 9gag

This nothing-if-not-honest lad

Image: Tumblr

This slightly mean girl (or guy)

Image: Pinterest

And this little rascal, who MUST have known what he was doing, surely?

Image: Rant Lifestyle

This safety expert



The optimistic child

Image: Imgur

Seen a funny exam answer that made you laugh even harder? (Or have your kids written one themselves?) Leave us a comment and let us know, and we’ll add it to our round-up!