19 kids that are probably regretting friending their parents on Facebook

Accepting your parents on Facebook is a big deal for a modern teenager.

As soon as they click that button, every aspect of their digital life is suddenly open to prying eyes, and every one of their posts are open to awkward parental comments. From gushing compliments on selfies to lightning-fast comebacks on whiny statuses, they never know what their mum and dad will come out with next – and what their friends will see before they have the chance to press delete.

And, poor loves, it doesn’t even end there. Not only do they live in fear of humiliation on their own pages, they can also see everything their parents share, and while most keep their posts fairly low-key, there are still some parents that haven’t quite learnt the art of a) not oversharing and b) actually using Facebook in the first place.

Embarassing for the kids? Sure. Hilarious for us? Definitely. Here are 18 of the wittiest (or just downright clueless) parents on the internet – any of them look familiar?

1. This dad, who totally ruined his daughter’s sultry photo with this recreation…

Image: Reddit/imagine_allthepeople

2. This mum, who doesn’t even recognise the comedic genius she is

Image: Lamebook

3. This brutally honest dad

Image: Lamebook

4. This mum, who’s still got faith in her own good looks

Image: I Lyke Funny

5. This mum, who can’t quite let the family pet go

Image: Lamebook

6. This father, who took the opportunity to expose a few home truths

Image: Josh Spector

7. This dad, who had the same idea

Image: Smosh

8. This dad, who has an excellent memory

Image: SoFeminine

9. This mum, who needs to rethink her captioning strategy

Image: Man Made DIY

10. This country music-loving dad

Image: Funny Junk

11. The breastfeeding mum

Image: Smosh

12. This mum, who has no time for potty mouth (most of the time)

Image: I Lyke Funny

13. This mum, who just won a point for feminism

Image: Smosh

14. This queen of the double entendre mum

Image: Someecards

15. This mother who forgot she gave birth twice

Image: Failbook

16. This chore-pedalling dad

Image: Cheezburger

17. This mum, who can’t get enough of her own jokes

Image: W3spine

18. This mum, who took a while to get to grips with Facebook

Image: Someecards

19. And this dad, who has absolutely no idea how to use Facebook but still got what he wanted anyway

Image: We Know Memes

Have your kids friended you on Facebook? Do you love to leave them funny comments, or keep quiet on their page? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!