25 hilarious kids’ drawings that WON’T be going on the fridge

As supportive, encouraging mums, our kids’ artwork usually goes straight up on the fridge door – no matter how splodgy or illegible it may be.

However, every mother has their limits – and we have to admit that if the little ones came home with one of these drawings, we might have to come up with an excuse not to put it in pride of place!

These creative kids have clearly poured their heart and souls into their masterpieces, but we’re not 100% sure they came out looking exactly how the artist pictured.

From awkward misspellings to cringe-inducing shapes and one very inappropriate dog’s name, here are 25 of the most brilliantly inappropriate kids drawings on the web – we promise you’ll be crying tears of laughter by the end…

1. These Christmas reindeers

The six year-old had drawn a group of reindeers in their stables. Yep, that’s exactly what we see to…

2. This optimistic child…

Image: Pinterest/JL Lundstrom

Nothing like setting yourself a goal!

3. This ‘unique’ T-shirt

Image: Pinterest/nataliastar2015.com

Well it’s obvious now that you say so.

4. This kid who’s just proud of his Dad

Image: Reposti/World Engine

Yes, em, well done Dad…

5. This beautiful picture of a beach

Image: Pinterest/Ellen DeGeneres

Cameron has no trouble telling it straight.

6. These unusual looking apples…

Image: Imgur

Get your minds out of the gutter, it’s clearly fruit…

7. This hilariously misspelled catchphrase

Image: Twitter

He comes in peace, you guys.

8. This celebration of a father’s skillset


A lovely sentiment, but that pink hat sure ain’t helping.

9. This thank you to hard-working firemen

Image: Imgur

That’s some hose you’ve got there, sir!

10. This accurate depiction of a gardener


It’s a lawnmover, obviously!

11. This…lighthouse?


Maybe some stripes or something would have helped?

12. This lucky duck

Image:I Did a Funny

Lucky to have been blessed with such a long neck, of course.

13. This excellent future plan


This little guy has got it all mapped out.

14. This tribute to a favourite teacher


She’s a math teacher, she doesn’t do spelling!

15. This portrait of a family dog


The dog’s name is Muffin, but the artist ran out of space.

16. These sturdy looking blades

Image:The Chive

Hey, they even spelt this one right!

17. This heartwarming aspiration

Image:Business Pundit

Mum works at Home Depot, and they ran out of spades. In her own words, she has ‘never been an exotic dancer’.

18. This accessories expert

Image:Bored Panda

Those ‘gh’ words are the trickiest!

19. These active unicorns


We’re certain that they’re just dancing. Or playing unicorn leapfrog.

20. This family message


We’re sure her whole family loves her too.

21. This very honest assignment

Image:The Chive

Erm… we’re not 100% sure that our own children didn’t draw this one…

22. This cheery Christmas greeting

Image:The Chive

Just what everyone wants to hear when they’re about to stuff themselves with turkey and Quality Street.

23. This nature scene

Image:Rants from Mommyland

They’re mushrooms and butterflies, and we’ll not hear another word on the subject.

24. This very inappropriate Santa

Image: Imgur

Santa Claus and his… sledge?

25. This accurate drawing of Santa’s hat

Image: Facebook/Elletia Thomas‎ Facebook/Claire Henderson

That’s a very fuzzy looking hat.

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