26 hilarious kids’ drawings that WON’T be going on the fridge

As supportive, encouraging mums, our kids' artwork usually goes straight up on the fridge door - no matter how splodgy or illegible it may be.

However, every mother has their limits – and we have to admit that if the little ones came home with one of these funny kids’ drawings, we might have to come up with an excuse not to put it in pride of place!

These creative kids have clearly poured their heart and souls into their masterpieces with these funny kids’ drawings, but we’re not 100% sure they came out looking exactly how the artist pictured.

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From awkward misspellings to cringe-inducing shapes and one very inappropriate Mother’s Day card, here are 25 of the most brilliantly inappropriate funny kids’ drawings on the web – we promise you’ll be crying tears of laughter by the end…

Funny kids’ drawings:

1. This mum’s ‘hairstyle’

Probably not the compliment her daughter thought it was…

2. These Christmas reindeers

The six year-old had drawn a group of reindeers in their stables. Yep, that’s exactly what we see to…

3. This pregnant belly

Umm that looks more like one of daddy’s parts…

4. This drawing of a pair of scissors

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

Minds out of the gutter people!

5. This beautiful picture of a beach

Yep – spelling can be a beach sometimes.

6. This whistle drawing

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

Wow that’s a big whistle.

7. This hilariously misspelled catchphrase

He comes in peace, you guys.

8. This celebration of a father’s skillset

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

A lovely sentiment, but that pink hat sure ain’t helping.

9. This thank you to hard-working firemen

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That’s some hose you’ve got there, sir!

10. This kid’s teacher

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit


11. This…lighthouse?

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

Maybe some stripes or something would have helped?

12. This shovel

Sarah Armstrong

Sarah Armstrong added a new photo.

Someone’s into their digging!

13. This accurate depiction of a gardener

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

It’s a lawnmower obviously!

14. This mummy drawing

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

We’re not sure we’d show that to the dinner guests.

15. This parent portrait

Sorry mum.

16. Mummy and Daddy on their wedding day

Nicole Loria

Nicole Loria added a new photo.

Mummy got a raw deal.

17. This Mother’s Day card

Jasmine Ramsay

Jasmine Ramsay added a new photo.

Is it supposed to be a thumbs up?

18. This dinosaur

Sandra James

Sandra James added a new photo.

He ran out of room for the rest.

19. This coca-cola can drawing

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

Can’t say we’ve ever sipped on that particular soft drink…

20. This very honest assignment

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Erm… we’re not 100% sure that our own children didn’t draw this one…

21. This cheery Christmas greeting from Rudolph

Mhairi Shewan

Mhairi Shewan added a new photo.

Rudolph’s definitely getting excited for the season!

22. This very inappropriate Santa

Elletia McCann

My son’s Christmas card design. School want to know if I would like to pay £16 for a pack of cards and gift tags. Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like Santa’s giant red cock, I suppose.

Hmm that positioning seems a bit off…

23. This accurate drawing of Santa’s hat

Amy Perry

Amy Perry added a new photo.

Ermmm – it’s very big…

24. This tribute to a favourite teacher

funny kids' drawings

Credit: Reddit

She’s a math teacher, she doesn’t do spelling!

25. This school bus

Pamela Alejandra Araya

Pamela Alejandra Araya added a new photo.

We’re not sure we’d let the kids all aboard that particular set of wheels.

26. This naked mum and her private parts

Mum thinks it’s time for a designer vagina – well when the kids depict your parts like that…

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