16 brilliant notes that prove parents are more hilarious than their kids

If you thought children’s innocent innuendos were funny, wait until you see the adult version.

Kids are usually the ones getting credit for being hilarious and cute with things like funny notes because, well, they’re kids and they don’t know what they’re doing most of the time.

But parents can give kids a run for their money, and there’s no unintentional banter here – they mean every word. From not letting their kid get away with being lazy at PE class, to making sure they’re only disturbed by something or someone really important, like, you know, Gary Barlow, these notes have had us crying tears of hilarious parent joy!

Read on for the most brilliant and cheekiest notes from parents, and maybe get some parenting inspiration too.

1. The one who is NOT going to defend her daughter’s timekeeping

Nicole Poppic

This is what happens when you are tardy as a result of your own poor choices and you ask me for a note to excuse your tardiness. 😎

Well, that’s what happens when you talk back to your ‘birth-giver’…

2. The one who’s trying to instil good hygiene practice

Image: Imgur

‘Kid, meet soap. Soap, meet kid. Hope you two get along.’

3. The one who’s using the tooth fairy institution for the greater good

Image: FacebookNon-Stop Mom

Because if you’re the one asking the kids to clean their room, they’ll never do it.

4. And the one who’s taking it a bit too seriously

Image: Instagram/Late Notes

Impressive drawing skills – bonus points for the effort.

5. The one who knows how important an active lifestyle is

Image: Facebook/Sam McEvoy

Tough love is still love.

6. The one with a very simple request

Image: Facebook/Natasha Butler

We only have one question – until what age does this rule apply?

7. The one who is really good at blackmail and may have a future in MI5

Image: Imgur

‘Here are my demands…’

8. The one who found a way to have a house cleaner for free

Image: Facebook/Amanda Mabon

What a GENIUS.

9. The ones who just wanted a lie in

Image: Facebook/Samantha Manville

Can anyone blame them? Sleep is the best.

10. The ones who got really creative


She doesn’t seem happy about that eviction note.

11. The ones who don’t underestimate their kids


Parents – preventing catastrophes since the first cry.

12. The one who doesn’t need many words


The seriousness of the issue increases as the number of words decreases. Simple mum maths.

13. The one who unknowingly wants to be a grandmother


She did have good intentions…

14. The one who knows the power of love

Image: Pinterest/Pleated Jeans

Well, you know what they say about a mum’s love.

15. The one who’s tired of answering ALL THE QUESTIONS

Image: Facebook/Uncanny Annie

Just. Read. The. Sign.

16. The one who wants her child to fare well in the real world


When your wake-up call to start acting like an adult comes in your lunchbox.