Get a happier work-life balance back on the menu

You could find a fab flexible career move at McDonald’s

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There are very few people who don’t appreciate the value of a meal at McDonald’s or its family friendly vibe. Who hasn’t relied on its Happy Meals ® to turn some frowns upside down?

Tasty options

But it’s more than just a great place to feed hungry mouths – it also offers flexible working solutions for busy parents. If you’re juggling the kids, your job, housework and family commitments, the career options on offer at McDonald’s could just be the answer.

Add value

There are even training and apprentice opportunities, which are amazing if you’re returning to work and feeling like your skills could do with a revamp. Whether you’ve had a long break, are looking for a change of pace or want to fit work around family, McDonald’s has a range of positions to suit your schedule.

More special moments

Just imagine being able to make every parents’ evening, football practice or dance class without dashing around or missing some. We chatted to two employees to see why they swapped the 9-5 for the flexibility, development and job satisfaction of a career at McDonald’s.

Susie, Shift Manager

‘I have two boys aged 14 and 7 and I’m always busy looking after them. I used to be a bus driver but when I had my youngest son, I wasn’t able to do the shifts. A job came up at McDonald’s and even though I could only work evenings, they said that was fine. It meant I was able to look after my kids during the day and work at night. I also love the opportunities that I’ve been given – the chance to improve yourself and get better with a great team has been amazing.’

Natalie, Crew Trainer

‘Originally, I chose McDonald’s for flexibility – it enabled me to be a mum as well as a working mum, when normally you have to give up one or the other. Since, I’ve had a good balance of working life and time with my children and have discovered the opportunities on offer. At my age, you can feel like all your learning is done, so being able to go back into education was special to me. About a year in, an apprenticeship was mentioned to me by a senior member of staff, which I took up. Finishing it was probably one of my proudest moments.’

Working at McDonald’s is more than just a job. Whatever you want to get out of your career, McDonald’s can provide it for you. For more info visit