#GetWoodyHome: The real life Toy Story

Reach for the sky! We couldn’t believe it when we heard about this real life Toy Story.

Woody was discovered lying on the side of a motorway in Gloucstershire last weekend.

The toy was covered dirt, missing a hand but still smiling with his Stetson. He was found by 50-year-old motorist Bev McNeill, 50, who stopped in on the roadside of the M4, according to the Metro.

Just like the Toy Story film it is believed that he was lost by a child after falling out of a moving car.

Apparently Ms McNeill saw Woody when she was zooming down the motorway, going too fast to pick him up.

But seven weeks later she was shocked to see him still lying in the mud and stopped her journey to go and retrieve him.

When she picked him up she noticed that the name ‘Liam’ was written on the bottom of his right boot.

Earlier this week the Toy Story UK Facebook page posted an appeal to help #GetWoodyHome and reunite him with his owner Liam.

The story has since gone viral with the post on Facebook receiving thousands of shares and comments and the hashtag is being mentioned thousands of times on Twitter.

At goodtoknow we love to believe in magic and but we’re a bit sceptical of the authenticity of this story. Do you think it’s real? Or a Disney set-up?

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